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You Know Your Business, We Know Human Resources

Are you ready to have an HR function that creates value across your organization?

RealHR Solutions supports executive leaders who know they need a Human Resources plan to have a successful organization. In this current work environment, having a people-first strategy is critical to building an engaged, committed, and productive workforce to achieve your strategic goals and business plan.

When you partner with our experts, we can:

  • Work with you to align Human Resources services with your business goals
  • Guide you in creating policies and practices that attract and retain talent
  • Create programs that support and develop employees to better execute on your business plan
  • Help you make strategic hiring decisions now and in the future
  • Support organization-wide growth and change
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Our Suite of HR Consulting Services

Talent Acquisition


Recruiting Strategy and Hiring Practices

Ready to lay the foundation for retention-focused hiring? We will help you with every part of the process, from evaluating organizational needs and developing recruiting best practices to making important hiring decisions and creating a robust onboarding process.


Executive Search

Looking for experienced leaders to chart your organization’s path forward? Whether through a traditional search process or a customized and streamlined strategy, we will work with you to source, recruit, and hire C-suite leaders and their direct reports.


Job Descriptions

Do you need to create or update your job descriptions? RealHR’s consultants will work with you to craft job descriptions that are compliant, define duties and responsibilities, help identify where an employee fits into an organization, and guide performance expectations to support retention and satisfaction.

HR Health


HR Audits

Do you want to evaluate the health of your HR function? With our HR Audits, we review your HR policies and practices to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local legal requirements and the alignment of policies and processes with your culture and business needs. We also help to identify the priorities for change.


HR Assessments

Do you need a comprehensive HR analysis? We will explore how HR services are delivered in your organization and provide recommendations to help deliver best practices to support employees and align with business needs.


Employee Handbook

Do you need a new employee handbook, or does your current one need updating? We will assist you in creating a handbook and state supplements that support your remote or hybrid workforce, comply with federal, state, and local requirements, and define and communicate policies that reflect your culture and values.

Talent Management


Performance Management

What is your current performance management strategy? Our team will work with you to refine your performance and goal-setting processes, leverage technology, align performance initiatives with business objectives, and incentivize the right behaviors and activities.


Management and Leadership Training

Want to develop your organization’s leadership capabilities? Our custom trainings provide tools and resources to help develop stronger leaders and grow more effective teams by developing skills like collaboration, communication, and stakeholder management.


Executive and Leadership Coaching

Are you preparing for a leadership transition or developing a succession plan? Looking to develop critical skills in leaders to support their continued success? We offer coaching for C-Suite executives, leadership team members, and front-line managers to build the skills needed to step into larger and more complex roles.



Compensation Philosophy

Do you need to align your compensation philosophy with your organization’s strategy and values? We will help you build competitive and sustainable practices that support your organization’s business goals, objectives, and HR needs. Your compensation philosophy can help recruit, motivate, and retain employees. 


Salary Structure

Do you have a clear framework for how your employees are paid? Our experts can help establish pay grades and ranges for the roles within your organization to ensure pay is fair, competitive, and aligned with best practices.


Compensation Benchmarking and Analysis

How does your compensation program compare to organizations similar in industry, geography, and size? We will benchmark your compensation program, evaluate results, and make recommendations that support your compensation philosophy, organizational values, culture, and budget.

Organizational Development


Organization Structure

Does your current organizational structure address your business needs and future growth plans? Are the right people in the right jobs? Let us help you define the roles, responsibilities, and reporting lines to position you for success. We also help implement workforce planning and talent reviews as part of small organizational development initiatives or large-scale structural changes.


DEI Strategy

Is your organization a place where all employees feel welcome and truly belong? Our consultants will help you align DEI initiatives with your mission, vision, and strategy and help identify resources to implement programs and practices that foster a positive and equitable environment.


Employee Engagement Surveys

What do employees think about your culture, leadership, managers, compensation and benefits, and development opportunities? Our surveys identify your current level of employee engagement and how they view different aspects of your organization. We identify priorities and recommend solutions to help you drive change.

Additional Services


  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Development and Training
  • Future Talent Strategy & Priorities
  • Talent Assessments for Hiring and Development
  • Connecting Compensation to Performance Management
  • PEO & ASO Analysis and Implementation
  • HRIS Analysis and Implementation
  • Benefits Analysis to Inform Total Rewards Strategy

Why Partner With RealHR Solutions?

RealHR has 15+ years of experience providing services to nonprofit and for-profit businesses. We equip you with:

Customized Approach

We tailor our solutions to meet your organization's changing needs.

Strategic and Practical Solutions

Our solutions will align with your objectives, growth goals, and employee needs.

Options for Support

Select from project-based, hourly, or retained services.

Strong Relationships

You will work with an individual consultant and benefit from a team of experts who support you behind the scenes.

Strategic Partners

We will leverage our relationships with other providers who can offer additional expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions About HR Consulting

What is HR Consulting?

HR consulting involves working with an outsourced HR expert to help you improve your organization’s HR function. Every HR consulting firm has different specialties and services.

Ensure your chosen consultant can help you clarify your organization’s specific HR needs and that they have a team with the diverse skills needed to deliver on the identified scope of work and timeline.

What are the benefits of HR Consulting?

HR consultants bring to the table:

  • Business acumen
  • Broad and deep HR expertise
  • Knowledge of best practices
  • An impartial perspective on your organization’s practices within your sector and industry
  • A consultative and facilitative approach to problem-solving
  • The ability to flex based on your organization’s changing needs
How do you know you need HR Consulting?

Your organization may benefit from HR consulting services if you:

  • Are not ready to support your own full-time HR professional or department
  • Need support that is both strategic and tactical and not ready to hire for those different levels
  • Lack deep expertise or bandwidth on your internal HR team
  • Are facing organizational growth or other major changes

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