One of our employees is afraid to work despite no known cases in our workplace. We need this essential worker to perform maintenance work during this period. Must we accommodate them?


New York City has ordered everyone to “Shelter in Place” through a PAUSE work order. My employees do not perform jobs that can be done at home. What leaves are available to my employees?


Instead of layoffs, we are cutting the pay of our employees. If an employee doesn’t accept a pay cut because they would be earning the same amount collecting UI, are they eligible for UI? Would this be considered a resignation?

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Are my employees eligible for partial unemployment if I reduce their hours?

This Q&A was created in collaboration with Jules Halpern Associates LLC, a boutique employment law firm.

We have created this document to inform employers of their rights and responsibilities during this difficult time. These issues are incredibly fact-specific, and impacts on employers will, in many cases, require individualized answers. Please note this document is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be legal advice.