RealHR has 15+ years of experience providing services to for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Our solutions help to scale your business, realign goals, and foster your unique culture. With your needs changing over time, we provide various levels of service including Advisory, Ongoing and Project Support.

Our Suite of HR Consulting Services

Develop Recruitment, Hiring and Retention Strategies

Finding the right talent requires an understanding of your organization and the marketplace. Working with you we:

  • Consider your organizational structure, help design the right roles, and identify the needed skills and competencies for each role.
  • Develop the strategy, processes and practices that support your ability to hire for success and retain the talent you recruit.
  • Identify individuals who can contribute their expertise, positively impact your culture, and for whom you can offer an attractive and meaningful opportunity.
  • Conduct an executive search or manage the recruiting process with an approach that meets your needs. We also use targeted Assessment tools when appropriate.

Build HR Infrastructure to Support Best Practices

Building a strong HR infrastructure requires a big-picture view and an evaluation of everything from your policies and procedures to employee engagement.

  • We start by conducting an HR Audit to ensure that your policies and practices are compliant, consistent, fair, and equitable.
  • We make recommendations and create a roadmap to building a consistent and professional approach to HR management. Possible recommendations may include:
    • Develop a recruiting process
    • Identify and implement a new technology solution
    • Build a robust onboarding process
    • Create a compliant, user-friendly and culturally aligned employee handbook
    • Develop and update job descriptions
    • Build a performance management process
    • Evaluate and create organizationally aligned compensation and benefits programs

Increase HR Capacity and Capability in Preparation for Growth or Change

As a leader you want to be confident that your existing HR team has the capacity and capability to respond to workplace trends and challenges, support your ability to grow and change, and meet the needs of your organization.

  • RealHR will conduct an HR Assessment to identify strengths and gaps in HR practices, evaluate HR team structure, and assess how HR services are delivered. The assessment will include meeting with the HR team and with stakeholders at various levels of the organization.
  • Recommendations and solutions may include reorganization of the HR team, realignment of roles and responsibilities, identifying and developing individual and team competencies and skills, and HR technology.

Foster a Culture that Supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Understanding your existing landscape and identifying your initial goals is critical to building an organization and culture of DEI.

  • Following data collection and analysis of your current state, we will facilitate a conversation among your stakeholders to create a vision statement, develop strategies, and support your organization in developing actionable solutions.
  • Where identified goals involve bringing in additional DEI resources (consultants, training vendors, etc.), RealHR will assist in finding the right solution and work with experts to help embed practices into your culture.

Create Talent Management Strategies

Building internal capability is critical to growing a strong and sustainable organization.

  • We help you assess your internal talent pool and identify key skills and competencies needed to build and grow your leadership and management teams.
  • We utilize various assessment tools, performance reviews, and 360 evaluations to help inform talent development plans.
  • We provide leadership, management and employee training to help develop talent.
  • We speak with key stakeholders to determine the best coaching or mentoring model that meets individual developmental needs and supports the goals of your organization.

Train Employees, Manage Conflict and Investigate Claims

Developing an equitable, inclusive and regulatory-compliant work environment starts with educating employees and effectively managing and resolving workplace issues.

  • We develop and conduct customized training that incorporates compliance, company policies, and organizational culture, including foundational DEI.
  • We help manage your employee relations and educate managers on conflict resolution.
  • When conflict does arise, or an employee files a formal complaint, how you investigate can have a direct impact on employee productivity, collaboration, and engagement. RealHR may advise on workplace investigations.

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