How We Work

We know your business is unique. That is why we customize our services to meet your specific needs. We provide flexible solutions, create processes only to the extent you need, and align HR practices with your business goals.


When you hire RealHR you are hiring a team of experts and our collective experience. The team member best suited for your needs will provide you with dedicated support, while others will offer expertise behind the scenes. A RealHR Partner will always be involved.


While we provide services to clients nationally, we proudly partner with HR Consultants and Employment Attorneys in States such as California, to ensure local expertise.


In addition to our services, our clients have access to a wide network of relationships that we maintain with premier providers, including benefits brokers, payroll providers, compensation consultants, and executive coaches.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Advisory Support


Our Advisory Services are a practical and efficient solution to help your organization stay in compliance, implement policies and practices, and address management and employee concerns.


Our relationship starts with an understanding of your business and most often an HR audit of your existing practices. Based on audit results, together we determine the right level of support and a proposed schedule of services that are optimum for your needs.


Clients may use our Advisory Services if they are in need of HR policies, an employee handbook, and a performance review process.

HR Business Partner Support

An organization hires us as a HR Business Partner when senior leaders determine that their business goals will be best met by the support of an outsourced, part-time solution.


In this role, we are both a strategic and tactical resource, developing programs and practices that align with organizational objectives, and creating a strong HR foundation.


Our initiatives are most often tied to programs that address hiring and retention, performance management, employee development, diversity and inclusion, salary and benefits planning, and company culture.


Project Support


RealHR will partner with you or your HR team on a project basis, to supplement your current function and assist with your HR needs, when you have limited bandwidth or require a greater depth of expertise.


Stand-alone projects often include a HR Audit, employee handbook, employee investigation, executive search, job descriptions, compensation and benefits benchmarking, an employee engagement survey, or training to include anti-harassment training.

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