Creative Approaches to HR in 2023

Creative Approaches to HR in 2023: A Recap

Human Resources (HR) is an integral part of any organization, and with changing times, HR practices have evolved. It has become essential to adapt to new trends and challenges to attract, retain, and develop a productive and engaged workforce. Recently, RealHR Solutions’ Jill Krumholz and Conor Hughes presented on Creative Approaches to HR in 2023 for the Nonprofit Resource Hub, which shed light on innovative HR strategies for nonprofit organizations.

Here wel recap the key takeaways from the presentation, which emphasized that HR solutions for nonprofits don’t have to be costly to be effective. They highlighted that many marketing tactics used externally can also be beneficial for marketing to prospective hires and current employees. Jill and Conor shared practical approaches to develop an efficient and effective HR system that can attract, retain, and develop the right talent. Below are a few recommendations to achieve this.

1. The Interconnectivity of Workplace Culture

Every organization has unique business needs and may be at varying points in developing comprehensive strategies around talent acquisition and hiring, compensation and benefits, learning and development plans, performance management and HR technology implementation. Regardless of where your organization is in the development of HR practices, the mission and vision, strategic goals and workplace culture should be at the core of your strategy every decision, creating an interconnected strategy.. And your programs and practices should not only be aligned, but should enhance your workplace culture.

Workplace Culture & an Employee-centric Environment

2. HR Marketing

Nonprofits have mastered the art of appealing to their customers through targeted messaging and impactful outreach efforts. Use that same approach to appeal to prospective candidates. Is your office pet-friendly? Do you have dress down days? Are employees able to work remotely? Market these perks on your job postings and share these benefits on social media channels because potential candidates may be actively observing and considering these benefits. By providing low-cost benefits, like these, that align with your organization’s culture, you can attract talent and foster a workplace that appreciates and values flexibility.

3. Use Tech to Support HR

Where possible, provide your HR team with resources that will assist with administrative tasks. HR technology solutions can help your organization automate several HR processes, such as resume screening and scheduling interviews, ultimately leading to significant time and cost savings. The use of HR technology should not take the place of human oversight, but it can reallocate resources towards developing programs that support your workplace culture.


In conclusion, the Nonprofit Resource Hub presentation on “Creative Approaches to HR in 2023” highlighted some innovative HR strategies that nonprofit organizations can adopt to attract, retain, and develop the right talent. These approaches include the interconnectivity of workplace culture, hr marketing, and using tech to support HR. By adopting these approaches, nonprofit organizations can develop a strong employer brand and create a more engaged and productive workforce.

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