Best Practices for Performance Reviews in the Age of COVID-19 Part II

By RealHR Solutions

The Importance of Ongoing Communication

As remote work becomes the norm for businesses, the need for clear and ongoing communication has never been more critical.  This is particularly important in both informal and formal performance management discussions including annual, mid-year and regular check-ins.   

Back View Of Asian Business Woman Talking To Her Colleagues AbouAs a manager, ongoing and purposeful communication plays a significant role in the employee experience and helps maintain productivity and engagement. During this time of crisis, managers should encourage more deliberate informal conversations to see how employees are doing and how their personal life may be impacting their performance. The casual “do you have a minute” conversation is no longer possible so communication between managers and employees needs to be more purposeful. Discuss what is and is not working in order to give employees the chance to be successful. 

Managers will want to ensure that employees have the tools and guidance they need to accomplish their goals. Consider whether employee response times have changed or projects have taken longer to complete. Check in with employees to discuss whether it would be helpful to take something off their plate and delegate to someone else. Managers may also want to take the opportunity to reevaluate priorities and reset expectations, as appropriate. 

Ensure that communication is two-way; as a manager you are creating opportunity and encouraging employee feedback. Employees should feel comfortable providing their managers with input about the support they are receiving or need and about the manager’s style.  Also consider and agree on the best way for both parties to communicate on a regular basis. Communication could be a call, email or a video chat. 

This is a time to nurture relationships and let employees know that they are appreciated and supported while providing feedback that is honest, direct and constructive. The strength of the relationship and the ability to maintain ongoing communication is key to  continued success. 

So, whether you are delivering a formal performance review or having informal conversations, the importance of showing support, reinforcing clear communication, building trust and increasing transparency is paramount to managing performance and meeting organizational objectives.

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